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My name is Sławomir Zajbert and I am an EFT therapist. I specialize in therapeutic work with men.

I started my journey with EFT a few years ago with my own therapy and working together with my wife Edyta as part of the development of our family.

Since then, I have been delving more and more into the subject of energy psychology, learning new tools and techniques. Their important common feature for me has always been simplicity and efficiency. And most importantly, the speed with which they bring results and allow you to move forward.


  • you have experienced a trauma, or a painful loss,
  • the everyday life overwhelms you,
  • you are filled with sadness and helplessness,
  • you react with uncontrolled anger,
  • you feel constant anxiety, shame, etc.
  • you cannot get along with your wife/partner or your children,
  • you do your best and still can’t achieve your goals,
  • you feel that you are „on the edge”,
  • you have low self-esteem,
  • you are fighting addictions,

I invite you to therapeutic work,
Sławek Zajbert
phone: +48 605 316 929


Terms of cooperation:

Individual session – 54€
Package of 4 sessions – 205€

Sessions last from 1.5 to 2 hours and are held every 2 weeks (in exceptional cases every week). We work online via Skype, Messenger or other instant tool.


  1. The final confirmation of the session is the payment to the account, which should be made within 3 days after setting the date of the session.
  2. No payment means resignation.
  3. A session canceled/postponed less than 48 hours before its date is payable even though it did not take place.
  4. Booking a session equals accepting the rules above.

    Account number (PLN):
    64 1090 1926 0000 0001 4448 0288, with the title „EFT Session”.

    Account number (EURO):
    PL 27102021240000810204304754, with the title „EFT session”.

You can also pay via PAYPAL:
Transaction cost on the client’s side.
By choosing the „Payment for goods and services” option in PayPal: the transaction
cost is 4 EUR/session.
By choosing the „Pay to friends” option in PayPal: no transaction cost.

Have you got any questions, want to dispel doubts, or simply want to get to know me earlier – make an appointment for a free 30 minutes consultation.