Sessions in English

My name is Sławomir Zajbert and I am an EFT therapist. I work with adults, teenegers and children.
Together with my wife Edyta we conduct a Couples Therapy.

I move aroud the subjects of energy psychology. The technics I use are simple and efficient, and most importantly they are fast and allow you to move forward.


  • you have experienced a trauma, or a painful loss,
  • the everyday life overwhelms you,
  • you are filled with sadness and helplessness,
  • you react with uncontrolled anger,
  • you feel constant anxiety, shame, etc.
  • you cannot get along with your wife/partner or your children,
  • you do your best and still can’t achieve your goals,
  • you feel that you are “on the edge”,
  • you have low self-esteem,
  • you are fighting addictions.

I invite you to therapeutic work.
Sławomir Zajbert
Tel: +48 605 316 929

Terms of cooperation:

Individual session – 90€ (100 USD)
Package of 4 sessions – 340€ (370 USD)

Sessions last from around 1.5 and are held every 2 weeks (in exceptional cases every week). I work online via WhatsApp, Skype or Messenger.


  1. The final confirmation of the session is the payment to the account, which should be made within 3 days after setting the date of the session.
  2. No payment means resignation.
  3. A session canceled/postponed less than 48 hours before its date is payable even though it did not take place.
  4. Booking a session equals accepting the rules above.

Account number (PLN):
64 1090 1926 0000 0001 4448 0288, with the title “EFT session”.

Account number (EURO)
PL 27102021240000810204304754, with the title “EFT session”.

You can also pay via PayPal:
The cost of the transaction is the responsibility of the client.
When selecting the “Payment for goods and services” option in PayPal: the transaction cost is € 5/session
When selecting the “Payments to friends” option in PayPal: no transaction cost.